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The Bedroom Dollhouse Paper Template for Kids helps your child develop motor skills. It is an activity that gives place to children's imagination. Bedroom Dollhouse Paper Template for Kids, Miniature House, Cut and Glue, Montessori Activity Book, Kid Craft, Doll Cricut, DIY Project

Cut, paste, decorate, narrate. It becomes a Dollhouse book when folded. When opened, it becomes a 3D Dollhouse. You can create your own doll house by combining 4 rooms.
Let the children tell their own story by dramatizing it. Let children use their imagination.

How is it prepared?
It is a very easy kids craft to prepare. Download files in seconds. Cut and paste in minutes. The dollhouse is ready.
The crafting process is a great DIY project Kit for kids.
It is recommended to print on premium papers. Fold the paper dollhouse room as in the video and glue it at the marked place. Decorate the room. Many paper dollhouse furniture options are available in supplemental files. Many paper dolls are also available in the supplemental files. For longer use, I recommend lamination. You can hold the paper dolls upright with the help of clips.

KEEP KIDS BUSY without screen while you get things done. 
According to research, 90% of brain development is completed by the age of 5.
Let children spend this precious period with a better quality.
Invest in children's life skills. Children definitely deserve this.
Thanks to the illustrations, you can keep the child's attention in the books and games.
Thus, learning becomes more fun and permanent.

Download the file. cut the pieces. 

•    You can do it at home or at the nearest print shop.
•    If you do not have a laminating machine, you can laminate with an iron.
•    If you cannot make lamination, you can print it on high quality glossy photo papers and use it.
•    If you do not have lamination and glossy photo paper, you can still use it. Just print and cut.

What is needed?
Papers, scissors, lamination films, laminating machine, clips OR premium glossy photo papers, scissors, clips OR papers, scissors, clips

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This product is for personal use only. Commercial use is not allowed.


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Bedroom Dollhouse Paper Template for Kids, Miniature House, Cut and Glue

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