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I started the illustration for my son.


I turned my fairy-tale illustrations into educational books and games.

I made my designs printable so that all children in the world can access them.

Designer: Esra (Mother)

Quality Control: Teoman (Son)


Hello I'm Esra
I am a mother who is aware of the importance of child education. After reading and researching many books and articles on child brain development, I learned with amazement that

“The human brain, which carries a hundred billion neurons at the end of the age of 3, completes 80% of its physical growth, and 90% by the end of the age of 5.”
(Thirty Million Words: Building a Child's Brain Dana Suskind)
The most important part of brain development in preschool. I care about the priceless preschool period.

I design imaginative mind developing games and books to invest in children's life skills. 
I offer printable mind developing games and books supported by illustrations.

Also, I have brought together many educational activities to make the time that children spend with quality. I created my blog project about kids learning and activities. Raspery offers that Preschool Worksheets, Printable Homeschool Activities, Toddler Busy Binder, Montessori Games, Free Kindergarten Materials, Free Busy Book Pages

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