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Toddler Sensory Montessori Activity Easy

An easy toddler sensory activity that can be prepared at home.

Put flour in a plate. Hide thumbnails in the flour. Then you can give the plate to the child with a brush and ask him/her to find the papers.

Here you have prepared a great toddler montessori activity. Anna prepared this project for her daughter. Click here for all of Anna's projects.

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Montessori Method and Sense organs

An education based on the Montessori method is basically based on sensitizing the 5 sense organs. The child realizes his/her learning by using the materials around him/her and prepared for teaching purposes. Gradually; learn colors, volumes, shapes, weights, lengths and textures. According to Montessori, the purpose of education in the first period of the child is not to fill the child with information, but rather to develop his desire to learn.

According to Montessori, the child has an absorbing spirit. It uses its senses to understand its surroundings. He naturally internalizes the information about the environment he is in.

Children perceive the world around them with the help of their sense organs. Their learning also takes place on the basis of this perception. They see, taste, smell, taste, hear sounds, and this is how they learn about objects.

With the Montessori method, positive contributions can be made to the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor development of the child.


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