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Toddler Busy Quiet Book Page Printable

I shared many activity pages on the blog about matching games. This time I am sharing 'Find Correct Shadow' activities as Toddler Busy Quiet Book Page Printable option. You can download Quiet Book Pages consisting of many objects, animals and pictures for free from the images below. You can print all the busy book pages together and make a Toddler Quiet Book.

You can personalize it by writing your child's name on the cover page. If you want, instead of making a book, you can make a kind of card matching game by cutting out the objects and shadows on the busy book pages you print. You can ask your child to take the objects and place them in their own shadow. You can set the difficulty of the game by increasing or decreasing the number of objects and shadows.

Either way will be fun and educational. Let's fun.


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