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Sensory Activities for Toddlers, Montessori Game

An activity related to developing the senses is for toddlers. Sensory activities for Toddlers are very important. Children do learning with the senses. In Montessori method, sensory learning is recommended. In this game, fingers and feelings are in the forefront. Fine motor skills are supported. Toddlers with color matching separates colors. A great Toddler Learning Game in all respects.

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Montessori Method and Sensory Organs

A training based on the Montessori method is based on a basis of 5 senses of the 5 senses. The child is learning to learn using materials that are found around and prepared for teaching purposes. Gradually; Learns the colors, volumes, forms, weights, lengths and tissues. According to Montessoriye, the aim of education in the first periods of the child is not to develop the child with information, but also to develop his wish to learn more.

Thank you Anna for this project. Anna prepares these activities for her children and shares them with everyone. You can access them all at this link.

It is very easy to prepare this game. Materials we need are only gloves and colored puffs. You can prepare as in the video and start the game.


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