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Printable Toddler Puzzle Activity DIY

How to make a diy puzzle for your toddler?

Puzzles are great toddler learning tools. You can make 2-piece puzzles for 2-3 year old children. You can play matching games starting from easy. Over time, you can make it harder according to your child's brain development and motor skills. You can download and print free and printable materials from the images below. You can DIY Printable Toddler Puzzle Activity.

Laminating pages is recommended for multiple uses. So you can create a much more durable puzzles.

2-3 Year Old Acitivities

Your child is very open to learning at the age of 2-3. During this period, brain development is largely completed. It is one of the best gifts you can give your child to spend this period with quality and efficiency. Every activity, every learning experience, every conversation, every book you read is gold. I am aware that during this period, parents are also very tired and their time is limited. It's really hard to keep up with everything. It is a great convenience for you to work on this important issue. You can find free toddler learning activities suitable for your child in our 2-3 Year Old Acitivities category. Activities in the 2-3 Year Old Acitivities category have been selected based on average progress. Your child may not be able to do these at first. He/her can learn to do it over time. You won't believe his/her progress. It may have been difficult for him/her if he was completely uninterested. In this case, I suggest you postpone that activity to another time.

Toddler Learning

Why is toddler learning so important? Children's brain development mostly takes place during this period. Toddler is very open to learning and discovery. As Montessori said, children are absorbing souls. It is very important to ensure that they have a useful and instructive time.


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