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Preschool Learning Colors Activities, Craft for Kids Gingerbread Man Themed

A beautiful matching game with a Gingerbread man theme. How about preparing a thought-provoking and educational kids craft? The preschool activity I shared today aims to teach colors and shapes. This game is both a shape matching and color matching game. It also develops motor skills. A preschool learning activity where children will play with fun is with you.

Thank you Fabiana for this activity. Fabiana shares all the educational kid's activities she prepared for her son with magnanimity. You can access all of Fabiana's projects from this link. I suggest you explore.

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What do you need for a kids craft project?

  1. Cardboard

  2. colorful stickers

  3. Pencil

  4. Scissors

How to Prepare a Kids Craft project?

  • We cut 6 ginderbread man shapes from cardboard.

  • We cut circles from the middle part.

  • We stick the colorful stickers on the arms and legs.

  • We glue the circles we removed in the same way.

  • Color and shape must be the same.

How to play?

You can separate the pieces as in the video and give them to your child. Then you can ask your child to match the circles with the gingerbread men.


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