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Play Dough Mat, Hair Salon Pretend Play, Preschool Activity, Toddler Learning Toy, Game for Girl

This play dough activity mat helps you make more creative games. This printable play dough mat with a Hair Salon theme is like a business game. Write the name of the business on the hair salon board. This could be the child's name. Your child makes hair using hair cards and play dough. It helps the development of motor skills. You can play a nice family game. Encourage your child to with their own ideas besides hair cards. So you contribute to his/her creativity.

Activities made with play dough are a great toddler learning toy. It is also a very good option for kindergarten. Children learn a lot with their hands.

Here I leave an educational Play Dough Mat, Hair Salon Pretend Play for you. Don't forget to use the 50% discount promo code. "BLOG50"

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How to make Hair Salon Pretend Play?


Print – Cut – Laminate(optional) – READY

A booklet will be sent to you explaining how to prepare.

It is a great kindergarten material for kindergarten teachers. It is also a children's activity book suitable for homeschool.

An easy, educational activity for toddlers.


• You can do it at home or at the nearest print shop.

• If you do not have a laminating machine, you can laminate with an iron.

• If you cannot make lamination, you can print it on high quality glossy photo papers and use it.

• If you do not have lamination and glossy photo paper, you can still use it. Just print and cut.

What is needed?

Papers, scissors, lamination films, laminating machine, OR premium glossy photo papers, scissors, OR papers, scissors

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