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Montessori Sort by Size Printable Busy Book Pages

Your child's brain is developing every day. Your child is very open to learning. Teach your child to think spatially, teach the basics of mathematics. You can teach your child big, small, medium sizes. I present to you a fun way to learn sizes. You can do that Montessori Sort by Size Printable Busy Book Pages below. You can teach the child to compare sizes. You can lay the foundations of spatial thinking with this toddler learning activity material. This montessori sort by size activities will make a great Printable Busy Book Pages.

Here is a great free printable Busy book pages for your kids. Cut and glue activities both teach your child spatial thinking and improve your child's motor skills.

You can download and print the following Montessori Sort by Size Printable Busy Book Pages. You can cut and paste each worksheet with your child as directed.


All free materials and products presented on this site are average improvement suggestions. Responsibility for the child's suitability; owned by the parent, teacher or caregiver. The choice of activities should be decided by the person who takes responsibility for the child. A supervisor must be with the child during all these activities. Especially young children should never be left alone with small parts.

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