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Montessori 3 Years Old Motor Skills Activity, Psycho-Motor Skills

We are together with a basic montessori activity that teaches shapes to children. This DIY Montessori activity is suitable for ages 3. You can easily prepare it at home. With this game, kids learn to match shapes. Strengthens fingers when placing parts. Motor skills develop.

How to prepare 3 years old motor skills activity?

  • Use a cardboard as a backdrop. Draw geometric shapes on another cardboard of the same size and cut them into cuts.

  • Combine the two parts.

  • Color the geometric shapes you removed. You can place one piece each if you want it to be easy to hold.

  • The game is ready. Now you can tell your child to place the shapes in the appropriate places.

Anna prepared this project for her children. You can reach all of her projects from the link.

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Psycho-Motor Skills

Activities that realize the child's mind and muscle coordination develop the child's psycho-motor skills. Free movements, gluing activities, cutting with scissors, toilet paper roll games, clothespin games, colorful bead games, holding with tongs are games that develop the psycho-motor skills of the child.


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