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How to Improve Toddler Motor Skills?

We are together with a nice kids learning activity. In this activity, we aim to support toddler motor skills and coordination ability. Your child will love this color matching game. Moreover, you can prepare this activity yourself in a very short time.

Anna herself developed this game for her children. Anna shares many kids learning activities with everyone. You can access them all from the link.

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Materials needed for DIY Toddler Game

1. Colorful stickers

2. Box

3. Colorful stripes

How to Play Color Matching Toddler Game

You can use color dice. You can determine the order with the color dice.

The ends of the strips are placed in the appropriate colors.

Many colorful caterpillars will form.


Be sure to be with your child while playing this game. Explore our blog for more toddler game ideas.


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