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Free Felt Toddler Quiet Book Pattern: Cut and Glue

You can do cut and glue activities by printing, cutting with scissors and using glue. I will suggest you an alternative. You can prepare the activities I recommend in this article from felt fabrics. You can use the activities in the images below as a template and make a felt toddler quiet book. You can draw or sew details on felt fabrics of different colors with a pencil. You can make mini hook and loop systems to repeatedly attach the pieces together. These felt quiet books will be more suitable for toddlers.

Another alternative is to reinforce the cut and glue activities you print with the lamination method. Again, you can attach the pieces to each other with ratchets. Thus, you can create a toddler busy book that can be used repeatedly.

Felt book Patterns

If you want to make a multi-page Toddler Quiet Book, you can use the content from our blog posts with the tag Toddler Quiet Book and feltbook patterns. You can make a cover page by writing your child's name with felt fabrics. So you can get a customized Toddler Busy Quiet Book. It would make a great gift for him/her


All free materials and products presented on this site are average improvement suggestions. Responsibility for the child's suitability; owned by the parent, teacher or caregiver. The choice of activities should be decided by the person who takes responsibility for the child. A supervisor must be with the child during all these activities. Especially young children should never be left alone with small parts.


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