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Door Hanger Craft for Kids

I share with you the idea of a fun preschool learning activity with a Christmas theme. We are doing a door hanger in this kids learnin activity.

Wouldn't it be great for kids to contribute to the Christmas decoration with a DIY project? Moreover, this is not only a christmas decoration but also an educational kids game. You can have fun with this kids activity that requires thinking and skill. You can hang it on the door when your child is not playing.

What do you need for Door Hanger Craft for Kids?

  1. Many bottle caps

  2. Cardboard

  3. Colored Paints

How to make DIY Door Hanger?

Cut 2 equal circles from cardboard as in the video. Use one as a backdrop. Glue the colored bottle caps to the floor. Drill enough holes in the other to fit bottle caps. Paint these holes the same color as the caps. Then create a puzzle by dividing the top into several pieces. Now your child can play. Have fun

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Thank you Fabiana for this project. Fabiana prepares these activities for her child and shares them with everyone. You can access them all at this link.


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