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DIY Montessori Toddler Color Matching Game Idea

Today I am sharing with you a DIY Montessori Toddler Color Matching Game Idea. You can make a DIY game at home by yourself for toddlers. The Montessori idea I propose to you today is about Color Matching.

This project is a collaboration project. Anna, a mother of 2 in Serbia, is doing great kids educational projects to support her children's brain development and education. She shares all these projects with everyone with great voluntarism. I am inspired by Anna's projects. I am using it for my own child. Thank you very much Anna. You can reach all of Anna's projects on her Instagram account. Here is the link: I suggest you explore.

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This project is a color matching project for a 3-year-old toddler. She teaches her daughter colors in a playful way. A practical and educational toddler game to improve the child's coordination and motor skills. I found the Christmas tree decoration technique very entertaining.

What do you need for this DIY Montessori Toddler Game?

1. Colorful and soft pompoms

2. Box

3. Model knife

4. Crayons

How to make Montessori Color Matching Game?

Draw a tree on the box. If you want, you can use a white paper additionally.

You can paint colored circles drawing with crayons.

You can make appropriate sized cuts with pompoms in the middle of the colored circles.

Yes, you have prepared a wonderful and educational game for your child.

Have fun playing.


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