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Crafts for Kids Easy Halloween

Crafts for Kids Easy Halloween

A fun kids game with a Halloween theme. You can prepare this game yourself for kids. DIY Halloween game is easy to prepare. You need some drawing and lots of color. A fun craft project for adults too.

How to prepare Crafts for kids easy Halloween?

  • Draw a bat on paper as in the video.

  • Color each part of the bat in different colors.

  • Punch holes in the box

  • Paint the earlobes in the colors of the bat and cut them out.

Here are the materials you need for this Craft for kids.

  1. Cardboard box

  2. Paper

  3. Colorful pencils

  4. ear buds

  5. Table

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I would like to thank Anna, the creator of this kids game. Anna herself developed this game for her children. Anna shares many kids learning activities with everyone. You can access them all from the link.

I am sharing a bat template with you so that you can easily draw. You can download it from the image below.


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