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Coding Game for Children, Christmas Craft

A great kids game. In this article, I share a way to teach your child vowels. This game is actually a kind of coding game. We match the vowels with the colors. Then we decorate the Christmas tree with the coding method. This game will make an incredible contribution to your child's intelligence development. In this game, we see many components together. I have to say that it is a bit of a difficult activity.

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How to make DIY Coding game for kids?

Cut a tree from cardboard as in the video and stick green cardboard on it. Drill as many holes in the tree as the colored caps will fit. Write the vowels in each hole. Prepare a table where the colored caps and the vowels match. Ask the child to match the colors according to the vowels and decorate the tree. After all the caps are in place, she/he can also match the colorful pompoms with the caps.

Thank you Fabiana for this useful project. You can access all of Fabiana's projects from this link.


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