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3 Years Old Activities at Home

3 Years Old Activities at Home

Want to make your 3-year-old child's time at home more educational? Learning and play go together for the child. Children love colorful games with lots of activities. This is our home activity with small colored balls. With this activity, we teach children colors. Sorting, matching and motor skill game. An active kids learning game that can be played over and over again.

Are you interested in educational activities and games for your child?

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You can easily prepare it with the ingredients at home.

  1. Colored balls

  2. Bottle

  3. Paper

  4. Colorful pencils

How is it prepared?

  • Determine the colors of the balls.

  • Choose the crayons in the color of the balls

  • Draw colored circles like a traffic light on paper.

  • Cut off the cap of a plastic bottle and make a cylindrical box.

  • The game is ready.

I would like to thank Anna, the creator of this kids game. Anna herself developed this game for her children. Anna shares many kids learning activities with everyone. You can access them all from the link.


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