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Easy Montessori Game for Toddlers

This montessori game is really easy to prepare. All we need is the box, toothpicks and a toy hammer. You can edit and start playing as in the video. Suitable for toddlers.

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Psycho-Motor Skills

Activities that realize the child's mind and muscle coordination develop the child's psycho-motor skills. Free movements, gluing activities, cutting with scissors, toilet paper roll games, clothespin games, colorful bead games, holding with tongs are games that develop the psycho-motor skills of the child.

According to Montessori child

1. A child is never idle. The child's mind works continuously without getting tired of itself. In the first 3 years of life, the child alone faces the various difficulties of daily life. The child is a scholar, a budding explorer.

2. The child is not a miniature adult. The child is very different from the adult. There is no external motivation or external purpose in his child's work. The child works like a child. It works repetitively without getting tired. A child who is immersed in working and playing should not be interfered with. Any help that is useless hinders development.

3. The child is endowed with natural capacities. The child has progressive stages of growth and transformation. There are periods of sensitivity in the growth process. For example, in the period of language sensitivity, he records everything he hears in his memory without making any conscious effort.

4. The child's learning is sensory. The child mind never works alone. The child's mind is in contact with the nervous and muscular systems.

5. Help me do it by myself. An overprotective or very authoritarian education is against the child's creative energy. The main task of the educator is to motivate the child and place him in a suitable learning environment.


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