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DIY Coding Game for Kids, Itsy Bitsy Spider Craft

We are together again even a great DIY coding game. An educational game played by coding letters with colors. I recommend this advanced game for 3-5 year olds. We are preparing it with the Itsy bitsy spider theme.

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What do we need to prepare the DIY coding activity?

  • Cardboard floor

  • Colorful stickers

How to Prepara DIY coding activity dor kids?

  • We draw a spider on the cardboard floor as in the video.

  • On the legs of the spider we leave circular gaps. These gaps should be the size of stickers.

  • We encode each space with vowels.

  • We create an encoding table. We match the colors with the letters.

  • You can use colored pencils to decorate the spider's head.

  • The game is ready.

Your child can paste the stickers on the blanks by matching the letters with the colors. Develop little fingers.

This game is designed by Fabiana. I thank her. You can access her account from this link.


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